Frequently Asked Marijuana Questions


Medical Marijuana FAQs

Who is allowed access into a medical dispensary?
A patient (18+) who holds a valid registry identification card, the designated primary caregiver of a patient who holds a valid registry identification card or a person inspecting the medical marijuana establishment. Any other individual must obtain a visitor pass from a manager.

Can people use medical marijuana cards from other states?

Can people use Montana medical marijuana cards in other states?
Yes! You can visit our location in Las Vegas.

Can patients travel with medical marijuana?
Not legally. If you’re caught with marijuana in another state, even if you bought it legally in Montana, you could be prosecuted on drug charges. Even if that state has its own medical marijuana program, it doesn’t mean it protects cardholders from out of state. Marijuana also is a no-no at airports. It is a federal facility, and since marijuana still is considered a banned substance under federal law, it’s not allowed at the airport.

How do I apply for a medical marijuana card?
For information on how to obtain a medical marijuana card, click here. One of our recommended doctors help you begin your process.

Is your product tested?
Yes, our product is tested for mold, pesticides and other substances.