About Us


Euphoria Wellness MT is a full service, Medical-Only Cannabis Dispensary serving patients in 4 Montana locations, Bozeman, Missoula, Hamilton, and Butte.

Euphoria Wellness MT was established in 2008 and is based in Four Corners, Montana as a Medical-Only Cannabis Dispensary (Until 2022 then it’ll open up to recreational). Locations can be found in Bozeman, Missoula, Hamilton and Butte.

At Euphoria Wellness Montana, we take compassionate patient care and couple it with quality medicine to bring you an experience like non other. Euphoria Wellness MT proudly offers this service to their patients 365 days a year at all of our Montana locations from
10am-9pm EVERYDAY.


Euphoria Wellness MT began their medical cannabis journey in Four Corners, MT. Proudly dedicating their work to the medical marijuana community, the founder of Euphoria Wellness MT saw an opportunity to spread the healing benefits and positivity of cannabis to Missoula and most recently Butte and Hamilton.


Harnessing years of growing experience and knowledge, Euphoria Wellness is well prepared to aid in most patient needs. We take great pride in the care we put in to growing & producing quality product. Euphoria’s staff is knowledgeable on a vast variety of strains, consumption methods and health applications of cannabis.

Euphoria Wellness is well-experienced in patient care, and their mission is to empower patients to make informed decisions that meet their medical needs. With a secure and welcoming facility and a professional dispensary floor, Euphoria Wellness strives daily to offer it’s patient base affordable access to medical marijuana products.


Euphoria Wellness grows all of their cannabis flower in-house, offering over 40 unique varieties to suit a plethora of health concerns and patient needs. Grown in-house with carefully monitored cultivation processes, Euphoria Wellness’ greenhouses contain many types of Flower ensuring each patient receives the correct treatment for their condition.

As Euphoria Wellness grows so has the types of marijuana products available, including edibles, topicals, and concentrates, which are all also produced in house. All of Euphoria Wellness’ products are vigorously tested by a state certified laboratory.


Euphoria Wellness serves the Bozeman, Missoula, Hamilton, and Butte medical cannabis communities. Euphoria Wellness welcomes any qualifying medical cannabis patient at any one of its four Montana locations. And we are excited to welcome recreational cannabis users as soon as the state opens up recreationally.